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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why can't I see the schedule for my team? It says I am not unauthorized. 
A  Schedules and rosters have been hidden from non-members to protect the girls identities and whereabouts. In order to see the schedules and rosters, you must sign up and request to be added to your team.
Q  How do I become a team administrator?
A  Sign up as a member, request to be added to your team and send an email to the webmaster for adminstration rights approval. 
Q How does a team administrator access the team functions 
A After logging in, you will see a Team Settings link at the top right of the page. Click on it. Then you will see team functions (News, Photos, etc.) in the left hand menu.
Q  How do I get "Bragging Rights" pictures added?         
A  Team administrators can add pictures to their photo album or they can add news items that include pictures. Typically the latter is preferred as photo albums cannot be moved to home page. Write up a news item for your "Bragging Rights" event. Please attach photos to the news item rather than including them inline if you intend to have it posted to the home page. If you would like to have the news item on the home page, contact the webmaster after you have created the news item and it will be moved to the home page. 
Q  How do I add my teams calendar to Google 
A  Please see the CORA Web Site - Team Administrators Guide section "Setting up Google, Smart Phone Calendar Feeds" 

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